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These photographs show what a Rolfing session looks like.

movementHuman beings are creatures of habit. We become so used to doing things a certain way that our conscious mind no longer has to pay attention. We do things automatically. While this adaptability is necessary for us to function, it is a two edged sword, because habitual actions, being outside of normal awareness, are difficult for us to change. Perhaps we had a badly sprained ankle at one time, which meant we were on crutches, and then had to hobble around for a few weeks as the pain slowly diminished. The scar tissue which developed limited mobility in the ankle, and we continued to walk in a somewhat different way, gradually accepting this ‘new normal’. We adapted to this compromised level of function, and ceased to be aware of it. So some of the result of a sprained ankle can be scar tissue, and some can be the new habit of walking in a different way, weighting our legs differently, pushing off one leg more awkwardly or with less force. We move differently than before, but we cease to notice. It becomes natural. Learn More about Rolfing.

energyWe all have this history, of living in our bodies — whiplash from a car accident, a nagging pain in the hip from hitting a brick barbeque while chasing a frisbee, back pain from a long ago work injury which flares up when we are stressed, a pain in the behind from falling off a horse, a muscle tear from playing football. In some cases there are layers of injury. A recent client came in with a work-related injury caused by lifting a heavy load which suddenly shifted, twisting her body and causing pain in a number of places. As we explored the patterns in her body, it became evident that older injuries, from serious ballet practice when young, and a hamstring jury from college sports, had compromised her body’s ability to adapt, orband predisposed her to the work injury. Rolfing can deliver excellent results in this area, sorting out the compensations which have built up over time and become part of our habitual patterns of using our bodies. What Rolfing does very well is to look at the overall body, seeing it as an integrated system, rather than focusing on just one area of current discomfort. It is in this way that we discover new (or perhaps old) levels of freedom and ease in the body, more than just relief from current pain.

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